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Lizzie studied Fine Art at Brighton Polytechnic (Brighton University), followed by a three year MA at The Royal College of Art, specialising in Printmaking.

While at Brighton she was very much involved with the college theatre and could have chosen to study mime, with Marcel Marceau in Paris, at a post graduate level. However Printmaking became the choice and as time went on she became very comfortable, using the disciplines of the medium to solve the many visual problems she set herself, and also had the confidence to include her experience of the theatre, as a tool.

She moved to the rich colourful landscape and flora of West Somerset in 1976.

Lizzie was a story teller and a performer.

She loved the workshop, the presses, the tools of mark making, the sharing of imagery coming off the press, the large bowls of wonderful colour pigment, printed on cloth or paper.

She would find her brief, and draw her story board; a visual diary ‘A Year in the Life of a Field' 1976; ‘40 Days at Dawn' 1995. Those were the starting points, out of which grew the visual language. The diary of a field became ‘Somerset', a fabric theatre, to make an hour's performance automated by a dancer with specially composed music. The 40 day visual diary of the view from the studio to the harbour and over the sea to Wales, suggested a series of printed collage. These combined with embellished, family tablecloths, significant at the time.

Lizzie also completed ‘A June Walk' printed in the landscape off the delicate plants creating an 8' X 4' installation of 48 subtle specimens. When she became ill she was working on another Storyboard, 'The Spring Hedgerow'. As the seasons set off change, colour and growth happen with speed. She was drawing a frieze of life size wild flowers as they appeared in time and was also returning to the stock of used fabrics and remnants to provide texture to make collagraphs of the larger landscape.

Alongside these major and other projects Lizzie taught at many Universities such as Goldsmiths College, University of London, and U.W.E Bristol, and in collaboration with Julian, invited students to their studio and home to share their enthusiasm for image making.