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SOMERSET - A Year in the Life of a Field at Nettlecombe, Somerset.

Idea, printed fabrics construction of box, Lizzie Cox. Music composed and produced by Stuart Gordon ; dancer Kirstie Simson

'Somerset' is a performance based on the seasonal changes of a field at Nettlecombe in West Somerset. It consists of an eight foot square fabric box within which the the year's events take place.

Layers of printed fabric, costumes, fabric objects are used to reflect natural changes in the landscape and the effects of man's activities, ploughing seeding and harvest.

The year begins September 1976 and ends harvest 1977.

'Somerset' received a major Arts Council Award and was performed at key venues throughout the U.K.



'Somerset' is a profound work lightened with wit and genuine humour...
Luke Dixon - Performance Magazine 1981

....... magical reconstructions like a conjuror pulling goodies from a hat.........
Hilary Tooley - University of Brighton - College Bulletin 1981