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Julian first visited Somerset in 1976 because of his fascination for the ancient sessile oak trees on the Nettlecombe Estate.

He lived there with his family for 14 years making and developing Etchings and Lithographs, initially about one tree, and then the bigger landscape, always drawing his plates on site.

Experiments with colour overprinting led him to the medium of Watercolour and learning to portray light in particular. Visits to the south of France with its reliable weather patterns helped in this development. The Welsh landscape, gardens and his own vegetable garden, cricket and more recently the Glastonbury Festival with its colourful tented landscape have inspired him.

Julian's imagery used to focus on the features in the landscape, now it is more to do with the animation in it, figures playing, animals coming and going, how they move congregate or disperse. He believes in drawing, to make sense of the world. Sometimes this drawing moves into colour and sometimes is developed in print. He is always trying to express his experience of ‘being there.'

In 1990 Julian moved to Watchet with his family to the ex Baptist Chapel, an inspiring piece of architecture where lengthy restoration of the church designing and and building the garden has been punctuated with exhibitions, teaching residential groups and individuals from various art colleges in particular UWE Bristol, and teaching adults and children drawing painting and etching.

Julian Fraser's prints, drawings and paintings have been exhibited in Britain and Europe. His work is an optimistic interpretation of the world and is enjoyed my many in Private and Public collections including ‘The Wessex Artists' at Longleat.