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Julian lives in an interesting old cottage attached to the former Watchet Baptist Chapel. Built in 1824 its attractive frontage overlooks the old harbour town, and over the sea to Wales. Inside it has amazing light and atmosphere which Lizzie had the inspiration and vision to restore with Julian.

The Chapel and schoolrooms are studios in which they have shown Exhibitions, made watercolours, Paintings, Etchings, Lithographs, Collagraphs and Printed Textile, often inspired by the local landscape. They are also now used for the practice and teaching of Yoga.

Over the years they provided special occasional courses for children and adults as well as teaching individuals and groups at degree and post graduate level from British and European Universities. Teaching, support and advice has also been given towards portfolio preparation for future studies.
Julian grows vegetables and fruit in the large garden and the lunches and snacks provided with the courses are home grown and home made where possible.

Their daughter, Isabelle, works in costume and is based in London.

Watchet is small and rather like toy town.
It has a steam railway, a museum, junk shops, cafes and plenty of pubs. There is also a marina, where recently a group of adapted containers offer exhibition and studio space to artists, on the harbour wall.

It has plenty of B and Bs and a camp site along the coast with amazing views.
The beach is fascinating - there are two main sites, one with varied rock structures the other abundant with fossils.
Approximately three miles inland, by complete contrast one moves into the colourful dynamic landscape of the Brendons and then Exmoor with its rich flora, red soil, green hills, and moorland.