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Our Courses and Fees
There are currently no courses scheduled at Church Walk.

If you are interested in discussing a children's Drawing and Painting course or a Life Drawing Day please contact Julian.

For a children's course to run, Julian will require at least five suitable students per course.

CHILDREN AND ADULT DRAWING AND PAINTING COURSES (specialising in teaching small groups)

The one day drawing and painting courses introduce students to various approaches to drawing and painting using media such as pencil, charcoal, pen and ink, collage, watercolour and acrylic.

The approach is based on years of teaching at a degree level, developing a teaching approach which students find challenging and enjoyable. Julian encourages looking and observation. For younger students this approach becomes a useful aid for other study such as reading maths and sciences.

Lunch and snacks are very much part of the days enjoyment. It is home grown and home made where possible, with bread, jams, salads and drinks.

FEES (all inclusive of materials and cuisine)

Drawing and Painting

One day Children
£45 - up to 10 students

One day Adult
£55 - 3 to 8 students

One day Life Drawing
£65 - 4 to 8 students

Individual Children and Adults
£25 an hour, negotiable